Pregnancy Prevention Series

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Give it up for Teen Pregnancy.
Item #P11
1. Give up going out with your friends.
2. Give up going to the park without a diaper.
3. Give up getting a college diploma.
4. Give up dating other people.
5. Give up people thinking you were "smart".
6. Give up your money for formula and diapers.
7. Give up your free time.
Make the Right Choice, Act responsibly.

Don't get stuck in an awkward situation.
Item #P12
1.Pick friends who have the same beliefs you do.
2. Date in groups, this makes it less likely to have sex.
3. Spend time around children, it reminds you of the responsibility.
4. Find someone who doesn't base the relationship on sex.
5. Stand firm in your beliefs, you have a right to say "no".

You're in Good Company when you say "NO".
Item #C72
3 out of 4 high school woman will NOT get pregnant, NOT do drugs and WILL graduate.

FACT: 29% of high school girls who drank alcohol also got pregnant.

The Problem
1. Each year, one million teenagers become pregnant, and 78% of these pregnancies are unintended.

2. 70% of those age 13 or under report having had sex forced on them.

3. Teenage mothers are often less able to care for their children and more likely to drop out of school.

4. Having a baby is the leading reason that girls drop out of high school, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The organization has found that only 40% of teenagers who become moms before they turn 18 will ever graduate.

The Solution
Communicate to Students. Talk to students about pregnancy prevention and highlight the consequences with posters from our "Teen Pregnancy Prevention" and "Drugs & Alcohol Prevention" series.

Initiate "Let's Talk!" Programs. Initiate classes and discussions to ensure that students receive the education and support necessary to postpone parenthood until they are emotionally and financially capable of supporting children.

Program Benefits
A good media effort can generate awareness, motivate action and keep a community focused on the bottom line—reducing teen pregnancy